Either round

  • You have 100 minutes from the moment you start solving problems
  • No aids are allowed, except scratch paper and writing implements. A compass and ruler is also allowed, but no protractor, calculator or other digital or analog aids
  • A dictionary is allowed

First round

  • The date for the first round is in the beginning of November each year.
  • There are 20 problems in the first round
  • For each problem five solution alternatives are given, just one of them is correct
  • You get five points for each correct answer and zero points for an incorrect answer
  • You get one point for each unanswered question, whether or not you checked the box for a blank answer – so you get 20 points out of 100 possible if all your answers are blank

Second round

  • The second round is in the beginning of January each year.
  • The best tenth from the first round are qualified for the second round
  • The second round is also at the schools, in a similar fashion as for the first round
  • There are ten problems in the second round
  • The answer to each problem is an integer in the range 0–999